Who can nominate?

Nominations can be made by a teacher trainer, in-school mentor or a fellow teacher.

What is the nomination process?

All nominations are submitted via a short online nomination form and should include:

  • Details and consent of the nominator and nominee.
  • A written testimonial (up to 500 words) by the nominator clearly outlining the candidate‚Äôs achievements and qualities, with concrete examples of how they have been outstanding in the relevant areas of excellence (see criteria).
  • A written statement (up to 500 words) provided by the nominee outlining the various stages of their teaching journey to date and highlighting challenges they've overcome and what aspects they most enjoy about their job.

  • The e-signature of the nominator.

Key dates

  • Nomination Deadline: 31st July 2024
  • Award Panel Decision: September 2024
  • Award Ceremony: Mid-October 2024

Please ensure that the nominee and the relevant head of school are aware that your submission has been made. All nominations will be kept confidential by the award organisers and panel.

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